‘The keynote for the tone of the series was a credible representation of the lives of its three central characters.’ ‘There were keynote addresses, and smaller seminars and workshops.’ ‘An estimated 10,000 to 20,000 participated in the demonstration while the prime minister was delivering his annual keynote economic speech.’ For example, a keynote speaker at a conference includes this central subject in her speech. Find more ways to say keynote, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The tonic or first tone of the scale in which a piece or passage is written; the fundamental tone of the chord, to which all the modulations of the piece are referred; --called also {key tone}. 1. Keynote address definition, a speech, as at a political convention, that presents important issues, principles, policies, etc. The fundamental fact or idea; that which gives the key; as, the keynote … (Oh, and if a keynote address is delivered in the middle or at the end of the event, then it either continues the conversation or wraps-up the event). (Mus.) A keynote is "the leading note in a musical key," and that meaning has spread to include the leading theme or idea in almost anything. The key usually identifies the tonic note and/or chord: the note and/or major or minor triad that represents the final point of rest for a piece, or the focal point of a section. Keynote \Key"note'\, noun. Key, in music, a system of functionally related chords deriving from the major and minor scales, with a central note, called the tonic (or keynote). The central chord is the tonic triad, which is built on the tonic note. The keynote is the given note on which the melodic and harmonic relationships in the scale are built, and it gives its name to the key. How to type music note by using its Alt Code value ♫♪♪ Let's type an Eighth Note; make sure you switch on the NumLock, press and hold down the Alt key,; type the Alt Code value of the Eight Note 13 on the numeric pad,; release the Alt key and you got an ♪ Eighth Note Symbol. Another word for keynote. When a singer says, “I need this song in a higher key,” he means that he wants the notes of the song higher. For the record, a true keynote speech is a motivational speech. ** Above mentioned procedure is not aplicable for MacOS. 2. I like to think of it as similar to the key note for a cappella singing – its sets the overall tone and context for the event. keynote (n.) also key-note, "lowest note of a musical scale, basis of a tonal key, the tonic," 1776, from key (n.1) in sense of "musical scale" + note (n.). After looking at the song, you may also determine that you want the notes to be lower — that is, you need to sing the song in a lower key. This is an introduction to singing bowls connected to the … Any of the 12 tones of the chromatic scale can serve as the tonic of a key. The sound of singing bowls can have a healing result on an individual, and can be used therapeutically. See more.

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